Cinetransformer - A Show Within the Auto Show

It’s a truck. It’s a movie theater. It’s both. It’s the Cinetransformer, a semi-truck trailer that holds up to 90 viewers. The big rig makes its SDIAS debut, and will show movie trailers for the upcoming “Captain America: the Winter Soldier”, as well as a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie “Thor.”

Cinetransformer replicates every facet of the movie theater experience including stadium seating, 14 ft. projection screen, 2D/3D, 4K and DCI compliant projection capabilities, 6.1 surround sound, 2 restrooms, lobby area, concession stand, climate controlled A/C, easy access entrance and exit ramps, marque and much more. While Cinetransformer will be operational throughout the show, it will be an especially prominent feature on Ford Family Day, Sunday, Jan. 5.

Developed and patented in 1995 as a way to bring the Cinema experience to rural areas, the 53-foot trailer expands into its cinema configuration in under an hour. The Cinetransformer is engineered to operate in a standalone configuration. Even when the truck is detached from the trailer, the Cinetransformer is still functional thanks to its built in double generator.

There are 23 Cinetransformer units in operation across the United States, according to IntegraSV, the company that developed the attraction.

The Cinetransformer will be located in the Ford Family Day area adjacent to the Ford Exhibit. It’s a semi truck. You can’t miss it.


Note: Manufacturer participation, vehicles and features subject to change without notice.

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